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We provide small and medium size business with an in-house outsourced CFO or Controller on a Part-Time or Interim basis.  A Part-Time Controller is a cost-effective solution to meeting the high accounting standards demanded by modern business.  A Part-Time Controller is ideal if you do not have the budget for a full-time position. This is an on-going, in-house Controller that will be available on a part-time permanent outsourced basis.

We also provide small and medium size business with an in-house outsourced Interim Controller.  An Interim Controller can help alleviate your current Controller's heavy workload or cover the transition of one controller to the next in order to ensure your accounting department is functioning seamlessly and successfully.


We provide in-house and remote daily entry of accounting transactions: vendor bills, customer invoices, bill payments, customer payments and deposits, other disbursements and withdrawals.  Our bookkeepers maintain complete and up-to date detailed accounts receivable, accounts payable and cash account ledgers and provides daily or weekly reports on these and other critical areas of business management.

We can process your payroll and remit all payroll taxes in a timely manner.  We prepare quarterly and year end payroll returns and 1099's.

You can concentrate on running your business and making money.  Let us worry about your books.  We will become your internal accounting department.

Quickbooks Set-Up & Training:

It is  imperative for every business to have their accounting records set up correctly right from the start.  Many small business owners try to set up their accounting records themselves in order to save money.  Most soon realize that their accounting records get out of control and they are unable to rely in the information is is generating.  At that point, they are in desperate need to have a Quickbooks specialist to spend countless hours "fixing" and undoing all that has been done.  If this happens to be your situation, we have the history and experience in re-establishing solid financial records for your business.

Whether you are a new start-up business, or are switching your accounting software to Quickbooks, we, as your accounting software specialist, ensures that your accounting data file is set up correctly to fit your business model and to provide the reporting functionality your business requires.  We ensure that your bookkeeper is fully trained in how to process activity appropriately in your accounting file.  We specialize in Quickbooks, Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions and Quickbooks Online Accounting Software.